EuroSPF 2019 Conference Proceedings have been published on Solid State Phenomena (TTP) Vol. 306
Additional information have been added on the homepage.
The deadline for the submission of the full paper has been extended to September 30th.
Due to some withdrawals we have slightly modified the program.
The final program has been published!
Please find the instructions for submitting the full paper version of your accepted abstract in the new webpage "Publication Instructions"
A first draft of the conference scheduling has been published. Please note that the final scheduling might slightly change according to the effective number of contributions and delegates.
Due to several requests the abstract submission deadline has been extended to June 12th 2019.
There will be two prestigious keynote speakers: Prof. Terence G. Langdon and Dr. Daniel Sanders.
We will have a young scientist price sponsored by FormTech GmbH. All PhD students presenting during the conference will be automatically included in a student competition and judged by an expert panel. The prize for the best student presentations will be presented to the best student by FormTech during the evening Gala dinner on the 12th of September.
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